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Season 3 Bug/Glitch Thread


Pro 1
Can't access the "Sell" screen at the AH. Already tried 2 ways: directly via AH and trying to post a card in "My Team".
Can't list cards for selling :(


Rookie 1
Using the admiral crashes the 25 stamina event (didn't test others cause I already lost 75 stamina)

When will ea actually try
I have no problem with free throws on 3 v 3 events.

Edit: Forgot to say that I'm autoplaying the events. Maybe it crashes playing manual.


Pro 1
Ad watching on my iOs is bugged: gotta restart the app each time I watch an ad for the next ad to show up. This has been going on for 1 week or so.


Rookie 1
I have two android devices and they both crash in madness events. I raised a bug issue with EA. Maybe if we all raise a bug issue EA will solve it faster.


Rookie 1
My leaguemente can't play. It's locked due to timer. And crashes (not sure how he is able to play them crash)
Mine is fine. Both Android.

But I have a bad lagging problem.

And 3 on 3 still crashes on free throw. Autoplay during the high fly promo


Rookie 1
EA just send an update for android but it does not work. They left the timer on madness events so it crashes. I have two devices and their fix does nothing.

Temporary Workaround.
Unistall the game, install again, go to campaigns madness and on 90% chance you will find one icon active. Click on it, and then repeatedly play all your stamina without exiting the event. You can swipe left and right to find 25, 50, 75 stamina.

This works only once but you can always repeatedly install/uninstall.


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