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Season 3 Bug/Glitch Thread


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Sorry everyone,
The cease fire (if there ever was one) is over.

The Nerf is still in effect.

My latest 10 samples

106 + 4
109 + 10
108 + 6
104 + 6
106 - 1
110 + 5
109 + 8
107 + 2
108 - 3
106 + 4

I'm a 109 OVR btw and should be 110 once i get Pau Gasol.
So far i've seen no difference.

I played against one of my leagues' teamates who is a 108 OVR
In one querter I had 4-5 lost open shots (even though the HUD in the top left showed 2 as contested for no reason) as well as two missed dunks that the ball hit the rim (one of those two was Carter ITP) Only reason this game wasn't an opposing team blow out is because somehow my Defense AI had a good day in blocking. Five maybe Six blocked shots that i didn't even initiate by pressing the block button.

I somehow won that game 9 - 8

Update, Won the third quarter 19-14. His 107 Larry bird scored 4 three pointers (but didn't even use his clutch)
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Or....there isnt any nerf & you just have bad/good streaks like everybody
A little more than a month ago i could easily beat most 104-105 teams with my 104 OVR team. Now i have to struggle and fight hard just to beat those 104-105 teams with my 109ovr teams.

There are good days and there are bad days.
But in the past month, most days are nerfed days.

I honestly believe that EA could get hit with a class action for behavior such as this if they keep it up. People wasting a ton of money for better OVR cards only to find out they're useless since the OVR and stats on the cards mean little during matches. Even worse since those cards are practically worthless a month later.
Anybody else getting that glitch where mass shots don’t go through the hoop? They end up being wild air balls that are hard to track down in shoot around drills.


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Holy shit this has 545 replies before this one and it went dark for awhile smh EA really needs to read stuff like this there have been an insane amount of bugs this year


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Is it though?
I would swear that short dude plays on my team pretending to be one of my 108 ovr cards. I can't complain though, he rocks when i play higher ovr teams.
Nah man... I didn’t mean THAT. The dwarf (i think that’s the PC term) was actually a jaw-dropping surprise. He was pretty fast and had very nice dribble moves. He scored a 3 (in the face of that white kid you can also see in the pic, talking with him) and at least 1 layup. And I only saw about 15 mins of it but he handled himself very well (much better than I ever could in my prime and i’m 175 cms tall).

The joke part of it is that the court is actually the real-life The Cage in NYC, the court featured in the current campaign

Ok, this did not go as I planned, so I’ll start a new thread about real-life courts that are featured in NBALM once I get home ;)


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Im currently stuck in "waiting for match" after playing a premium tournament. This happened after the maintenance and content update. Any thoughts? I wanna play the Chauncey event too

I already did a hard reset.


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I search in pvp. Due to search too long. Phone locked. I unlocked right away I got the waiting for match. Which is fine. Means I lose. But then I can't play all others. Daily beats. Season etc. It just shows a stuck court like below.

And just suggestion. Let us play/connect back into an ongoing match if we get kicked out



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