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Got 10 million to spend any suggestions


Pro 1
Not much you can do except for the fact you’re close to 107 but I would wait until next promo which should be anytime before Friday to splurge


Rookie 1
Well I have the Elgin Baylor 105 I was thinking about replacing the Leonard with Baylor and maybe picking up Magic Johnson but I don’t know if he’ll go to 107 are not on my team


All-Star 1
Ditch DJ & get Magic bc he's f**cking awesome. Then get 105 Kawhi w 3pt clutch to keep coach boost maxed and either put Bron on bench or grab 103 Butler if you need to keep your OBD boost.


All-Star 1
Is still say go with Magic. He gets plenty of boards and steals really well but he's amazing offensively. Since he's a C, he's never guarded closely on deep balls so his 3pt is automatic. And he doesn't get stripped when running the floor end to end. He's a beast


Rookie 1
..or you can try to snipe 106 Durant if you have 4M to spend for one player, if there is any player worth so much its for sure him..

EDIT: nvm just noticed your last post


Rookie 1
Nope and I’ll grab Durant if I see one I make about 3 million a day lately in gold so I can get back to 10 million easy


Rookie 1
Save your coins, make sure you always have a nice bankroll. What I do is make a new master quickly and sell right away then I buy back later for half the price. I don't see a massive upgrade to your team, maybe Second Chance Towns can bring you to 107 OVR. Besides that I would just wait for new players.


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