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83 harden campaign final requirement


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Has it been confirmed or denied that the elite hardens from ch 1 and 2 will be necessary to get the 83 harden? Or just completing the 3 chapters will be sufficient? Neither the 80 nor the 81 is in my lineups anymore, I?d like to trade them in for tip off elites if possible. I will hang on to them if I must to turn in the set for 83 harden, which won?t even be starting in my lineup, but whatever.

If we don?t know, could someone who has Asros ear on twitter maybe ask and see?
There will be a set in the future for those Hardens. Is not confirmed for what or when but it might be for a better Harden than that 83.

You dont need the 80 or 81 to get the 83 tho. But I would save them.


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He hasn't said specifically if they'll be needed to get the 83, but Brian has said multiple times to hang on to the 80/81 Harden cards.
That?s the question i want to ask as well. Glad you asked. I am thinking of doing the elite exchange to further improve my tip off lineup. Although it is grindable for the 80s. My question is, do we really need thr two hardens for a better harden or is that 83 harden completely free? Just wondering
That?s the question i want to ask as well. Glad you asked. I am thinking of doing the elite exchange to further improve my tip off lineup. Although it is grindable for the 80s. My question is, do we really need thr two hardens for a better harden or is that 83 harden completely free? Just wondering

You will want to keep an eye on this person's twitter (and if you want you can actually interact with them if you have questions, he works for EA).

Here he says you should hold on to all of the Hardens :
He's said it a few times, but obviously not everyone will see every tweet he puts out. EA would save him a lot of trouble if they started to put simple notes on things like this.


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It's been stated many times that you do not need any of the other Harden cards to get the 83 but as pointed out earlier he suggests you keep all the elites for a surprise dealing with Harden later on


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From Brian, posted a few min ago on reddit:

?Yeah, but it?s sounding more and more like people have used them in trade in sets. We didn?t message any of this in game so I don?t want people to feel like they left out.

We?ve also reprioritized some content releases, moved harden ch 3 out a bit to get more weekly content out to you all.?
Rofl when has not messaging in game ever stopped them in the past???? I hope it's a sign of things to come, at least. I do recall hearing they are working on a way to give us information in game instead of Twitter.


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That is pretty rich...and instead of delaying ch 3 they should?ve rushed it out as 83 Harden is virtually irrelevant come Sunday when most people get 84 Klay.
I was definitely looking forward to an "ultimate" Harden.....would be perfect for when the defensive lineup comes (that's assuming he's a defensive card like his previous versions). I almost put the free 80 Harden in the exchange but said no, it will possibly be needed....according to Brian until now.

I see a few people thought Brian tweeted to keep the Hardens because of the elite exchange set for this promo (even one of the game changers put a Harden in the set). I guess that could be a product of him usually being so coy about it on twitter "I'd hold on to them for a surprise later :D"

You're the only communication we got with EA, just be straight with us, my man, lol.
Really! They are going to delay the release of chapter 3 to give us more events! Why can't we have the events and chapter released at the same time. Why does it have to be one or the other! By this weekend I'll have no need for 83 Harden!


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Well probably, just probably. They have plans to improve harden considering that we are grinding for the reigning mvp. My guess is that they would have an expansion on the road to mvp event which would require the other hardens for high ovr card. :)


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Maybe the will be needed for the other 83 harden ( the one with the sharpshooter icon.)

No the one that will require them to be traded in will be a brand new one the 83 balanced sharpshooter is most likely gonna be a pack card or set card for the 3rd chapter since it was said you only needed to complete the 3rd chapter for the 83 defensive playmaker not that you had to do the standard 100 token 10 gold set for it so they could save that set for the other 83


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I don't see why they should change their plans just because people traded in their Hardens. Toughen up, Brian!
I've still got mine but it is pretty unfair to give people zero indication that they'll be required for future sets. I mean, you can get the 81 without unlocking the chapter 1 harden, so they kinda set a precedent with that and as i've said a few times, you shouldn't have to follow a game dev on twitter to get crucial information about a game you may actually be spending real money on.
I will gladly admit I do not know the required work needed to code games, ect but is it really that hard to add simple text information on the Harden campaign slides??? Or just add to the text that's already in the chapter. A simple "keep all rewarded Hardens" would work lol. I guess the process of this may take more work than they feel it's worth.

Heck, they could have blasted us all with a keep all Harden's message when we open the app like they did with the friggin NBA schedule.


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