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True 3pt shooting % (part III)


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So, back in December I've posted a small research on 3pt shooting % in NBALM (Part I % Part II).
with all the changes done in the game since, and having some spare time in the game after getting 102 Jamal Murray I thought I'll revisit the topic to see what's going on.

Bottom line:
- Made 86 out of 124 which makes 69.35% and shot expectancy of 2.08 points.
- So it seems 3pt % has decreased since decmber (but we all knew that...)
- A good 3pt shot with my team is still slightly better statistically than a 2pt shot.

Rules of engagement:
  • I played only LvL & SD
  • I only counted 'perfect shots', meaning +20 releases with a 'large' target area on the shooting meter
  • I am not counting clutch shots or buzzer beaters.
My team (+7 3pt boot):


Full shots breakdown...
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