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Season 3 Complaint/Suggestion Thread


Rookie 3
Staff member
Gameplay still sucks (98 ovr now).

Gave up on LvL a few weeks ago and on SD just moments ago.

It?s like they ?fixed? what didn?t needed to be fixed while the same errors persist. On top of those I would name the terrible passing (don?t even get me started on this one) and the ?open? post shots (when I?m clearly defending and even trying to block the shooter).

Not spending any more money on this game until it?s fun again (already regret buying 2 Harden packs).
Right now I?m feeling I?d have to pay around 100 ?/month to have a 100 ovr so to have enjoyable gameplay again. Not doing it. It?s not reasonable.

The dead AH also doesn?t help things. At times like this last season I would entertain myself trying to make some coins on the AH. Not anymore. Gotta look for other entetainment options while I wait/hope for this game to get back on track.
Any solutions you've found for your golds not selling?

I'm experiencing the same problem with the AH
Sent you a PM. It's lying around in the outbox, but hopefully it will be sent ;)
Got it man, thanks.