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Road to MVP campaign coming Thursday, Offseason Movers next week


Rookie 1

Thank you for the info! <3


Rookie 1
Clicking into the Road to MVP campaign currently on the page shows a tiny bit of the content (a set for a 61 OVR tutorial player after completing 5 live events)... Anyway it'll be released in 20mins, hopefully something good


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Fingers crossed that this upcoming promo will be better. I'm just that close to getting Trae Young as my starter PG, and that's about it.


Pro 1
From what I can see, we get a gold Harden, used to acquire 80 Harden, which has surprisingly really decent stats, and 83 Harden which seems slightly better than the 80, but he is locked behind two campaigns which are labeled as ?Coming soon...?. We also get a Scott Brooks coach from one of the events.


Pro 1
what bugs did they fix?

I still fail the requirements for my own league xD

regarding Harden, maybe I'm getting something wrong or maybe we unlock them later in the campaign but

that 5x event that in unlocks in 7 hours is cash only right? and rep packs don't exist in the store yet?

edit - got lost in translations and didn't realize the rep packs required were the showdown ones that already exist.


All-Star 3
Showdown rep packs are required to unlock.. I'll bite the bullet guys..
Edit: buy 5 showdown packs.. 250k rep.. unlocks the blitz live event..


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5 Showdown packs? How many hoops are they going to have us jump through this season?

Looks like all gold rookies are auctionable now.
I have one in my lineup that says its still unauctionable but the rest have become auctionable. Even the ones I pulled earlier and put in the coach set because I couldn't sell them.


Pro 1
So it seems you can only earn Harden through spending money or passionately grinding Showdown.

Off to Showdown for me...


Pro 1
Showdown rep packs are required to unlock.. I'll bite the bullet guys..
Edit: buy 5 showdown packs.. 250k rep.. unlocks the blitz live event..

Thanks. In the mix of translations I couldn't tell that the rep packs necessary were the ones that already existed.

Showdown is usually translated as 'Disputa' but the requirements now use 'Desafio' for some reason.

Did you get 1 collectible in the event or the chances are good and you did get more?


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