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Playoffs Second Chance Promo

Guys I only got 5000 points so far i dont think I will be able to finish the master how many points y'all got and how can I get more points
15k so far. Bought the coin packs, claimed free jersey and used first 5 tokens on boost players (60%). I saved stamina from yesterday for reset plus ads. First wins plus season grind...not fun but effective.


Rookie 1
Do yourselves a favor and make sure Porzingis is high on your list of 94s to level up to 104. He wasn’t on my “cheat sheet,” but I changed my mind last second and leveled him up first. Card plays off the charts. I Have him starting now and don’t miss Horry and his clutch at all.
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Steve Rogers

Rookie 1
well im at 16.5k after day 1... at that rate, may even make it 2 master #2..
mostly AP'ing seasons whilst working :)
hows every1 else sitting?
15.3k...couldnt play season as much as i expected..i thinl toward the end we will have massive pts packs in store....with all these masters and levelable 94 hoped to get at least 5 players with hard grind but its EA so nothing new :/


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Hope they bring the sd reward back to 100. 16-day promo with repetitive tasks are boring. Need some competetive gameplay. Everyday seems just like you login, play the events, check your progress, look at your lineup, logout, then repeat on next promo. Sometimes i feel like we are not here for basketball anymore but just collecting cards. I mean, I could play season mode alone all year if the format and gameplay are challenging and the rewards are enticing.