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NBA Legends Coming Soon


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This is from one of the gamechangers' it sounds interesting but I'm curious why they called it "NBA Live Mobile's Ultimate Team mode" when the EA mobile games are mobile versions of the console game's Ultimate Team modes so that part doesn't really make sense but apparently it's real because Brian didn't dismiss it when he responded about it


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So many programs .. so little stamina..
But such a relief to have so many different things to do.. hope this leads to more variety in lineups


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I just simply like the fresh idea. Instead of the same ol thing, this could be cool. May be difficult too and I like that. Things in this game are usually difficult due to the grind involved or luck based token pulls. I actually liked that some of the Harden events were difficult challenges. I don't want it to be uber tough like Royalty was but I'm happy they're throwing a lot of different content at us this season


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If it's coming, I hope it's grindable (even if it takes 2/3 weeks to grind for 1 card + usual store packs for people wanna pay for them)
More content ---> the happier I am .
They are dropping more #trending packs this week. The Tip-Off promo starts on 10/16. This Legends content will be part of that promo.
Actual new content, nice! Hopefully it's something new that we haven't seen in previous seasons and not just Legend content like previous seasons. I'm actually excited, which I haven't been in a long time.


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