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Mystery Gift?


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Hey guys sry if this has been answered already :( but i have 3 Gifts but cant seem to find a Set to open the Mystery Gift?

Thanks in advance.


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I got 10 so hopefully it's something good...other than that I got 90 illustrated Nikola... training him doesn't seem worth it. Hopefully tomorrow I can land the 106 curry...or any 106.


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It can't be something amazing if I'm pulling them more than any other collectible.
Except that most ppl aren't getting many keys....if any. So while some of us may have a lot of these tokens.....plenty of ppl have none


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Is it not cornucopia time of year? That would lead to a massssive AH collapse
I don't see how Cornucopia packs would be worthwhile to anyone with a good team. Last year I had upper tier lineups and Cornucopia was still good. This year, with almost a 107 OVR and a busted AH, Cornucopia would suck. No $ to be made and no great/ rare players. Remember last season, we could train players & they were then unauctionable, and thus many players disappeared from the AH completely...... until Cornucopia came along and rare players came back and there was demand for them. No so this season.
Last year there were a bunch of unicorn cards that could only be pulled through store packs, especially early on in the season. As fAr as the AH crashing, prices would have to be high for that to occur but they’re already low. They have successfully made the AH a non-factor this season. Yet another enjoyable aspect they’ve removed from the game.


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