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Final Golden Ticket Cards?


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What I came here to post. Two terribly designed cards in a row. Iverson is always a bad choice for the way this game plays. But at pg?! Imagine Iverson guarding Yao. They ought to limit players per position to 2 if they are going to offer these publicly. Pick position first, then you get to decide who and what card will look like. Just awful.

PS - The Pack God is dead.
I guess I'm one of the few players that actually likes to put players in the position they can actually play.. And I'm biased, since Iverson is one of my favourite players. But the rookie AI seems better suited for my team. I just don't have the 15000 cash to outright buy him, and don't think I'll get there by grinding.

Putting Yao at PG just breaks the game. And choosing Shaq at PG was a terrible mistake on my part.

At least they make good bench players.


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Sounds like they're following suit and giving a GT to a GC once again , smh. Heard QJB has one coming down the pipe
Looks like that will be the 4th remake of a GT because he'll most likely choose LeBron


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How many of GT have there been in previous batches? Since offers are expiring need to try my luck near end of the releases.... was it more than 5 GTs before?
Kudos to the guy that made GT Jokic. The other creators make him look like a super original guy

I would prefer clutch instead tho.
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Half an hour to go assuming there is one more. What do you guys think? My money is on 109 pg Yao.......with buzzer beater. lol


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