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EA bots are killing the AH

Seriously, I search for upgrade the PG position and the only player I see is IT? This is really bad, and ea isn't aware of this or don't want to get this thing fixed, this problem with the 80 ovr not selling is a mayor problem, and the only thing they need to do is fill the market with elites cards


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Re: EA bots is killing the AH

Maybe you can get a 79 OVR PG for the moment and wait for the OSM to end. Or you can check the AH often to find point guards. Yes they are posting PGs, but instant sold because of low supply.


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Re: EA bots is killing the AH

I think a few factors are at work. A) ppl outside of big leagues and the forums have no idea what to post elites for so their cards arent showing up or they've given up trying. Waggoner said on his Twitter that he looked into bit & there are no problems with elites selling but that's just looking at it from the server side of things, not asking the general user if they're having issues. I'm also skeptical bc some cards are selling lower than others so it's clear that the AH is being run in a funky way despite what he says. My leagemates would agree

B) From my perspective, base elites aren't flowing to the users very well bc pro packs don't seem to be giving out many. I've gotten zero since day one & I've bought prob 20 + the free ones I get several times a week

from league. My leagemates haven't received more than 1 each on avg since S3 began. There's also no impetus for most users to buy them for 10k coins each wiith only base elites available. If we were all buying lots of pro packs & getting elites, there would be more available

So when the few actually make it through the Bot & get posted, they're snapped up immediately. You shouldn't have to spend hours on the AH trying to get lucky for a base Wall.
Re: EA bots is killing the AH

I often see Lowry, Wall, Chris Paul and Kemba Walker in my AH. Every now and again I see a Simmons. I saw Irving once but I have yet to see a Lillard or Curry since they lowered the cap.
Re: EA bots is killing the AH

Ya, every time I put up multiple players at once, the Bots will buy 2, or 3, every time and the rest they won't buy.. same price, OVR, everything... BROKEN!!!
Re: EA bots is killing the AH

Yes I use Williams for now but still, very frustranting to see that, and PF is the case to, but i guess is bc the Lauri card is op xD


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Re: EA bots is killing the AH

Keep your eyes peeled. Every now and then the bot will post 82 Jameer Nelson and 82 Derrick Rose. They seem to come in cycles.


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Re: EA bots is killing the AH

I'm yet to see a Rose, Curry to Lillard.... Stuck with 79 Williams also atm.
Re: EA bots is killing the AH

I'm yet to see a Rose, Curry to Lillard.... Stuck with 79 Williams also atm.

We may be in different AH, but going elites and PG only I saw a couple Pauls and Walls, but yes, no Lillard or Curry. The only rose worth having is the Rookie one and it's gonna cost at least 200K, maybe 300K
Re: EA bots is killing the AH

There is a Nash and a rookie Irving in my AH right now. Personally, I don?t think they?re worth the cost unless you are serious about grinding Showdown.
Re: EA bots is killing the AH

I saw a 82 boogie once I almost bought it just because it?s rare lol

Ah is terrible I pulled a simmons today out of my showdown legend pack, tried to sell it twice already, nothing...
Re: EA bots is killing the AH

Just save your coins there will be a time when you will be able to improve greatly in one day. I?m up to 900k coins just saving em up. I?m open to buy something but it?s got to really help my team, got to be perfect. Hell I might just save coins til Christmas. It was my favorite promo and really looking forward to it as I am off work December and January.


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Re: EA bots is killing the AH

I do not know what the developers say but the AH for base elites is broke. I tried to sell a base elite Kevin Love and i received no bids even when lowered the buy now price to 50k and the starting bid at 10K. Yet in AH i could see Love snapped at 100k+ quickly. My card was never posted.....I ended up using Love in the elite to gold exchange set and sold the golds no problem.

I kind of agree with one user who seem to suggest that maybe this is EA way of taking your coins. I kinda believe that the elites posted are probably from EA and they serve the purpose of getting your valuable coins so forcing you to buy coins.


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