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AH Changes


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Re: AH Changes Coming in 4 days (Oct. 29)

Nice .. but still need to wait and see if they really gonna fix it or another bs move from them ..


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Re: AH Changes Coming in 4 days (Oct. 29)

Yeah I'm hopeful, but I won't be surprised in the least if this doesn't go the way they expect it to.


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Re: AH Changes Coming in 4 days (Oct. 29)

As long as the 'wider range' they're talking about is an adequate range, that will be ok.

If they get wider ranges, but the bottom of some ranges remains too high for the demand, like the bottom of 81s at the moment,I fear that some problems will persist.

other possible interpretation from Brian's word is that stuff that is listed at very wide ranges like 100 bid / 10,000,000 bin should have bot bids more often.

I'm curious about the change, but gotta keep the expectations low, as others are saying.


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Re: AH Changes Coming in 4 days (Oct. 29)

I guarantee they wont fix those elites with the 1 coin difference that dont credit you the coins if your card were to sell, and I guarantee they still wont add a dismiss all auctions button smh.


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Re: AH Changes Coming in 4 days (Oct. 29)

Have no expectations and you will no let downs :)
Re: AH Changes Coming in 4 days (Oct. 29)

Lol watch them fix it then increase Tax to 40% hehehe. It's always one step forward, one step back so I'm keeping my expectations low until I see the changes
Re: AH Changes Coming in 4 days (Oct. 29)

Well, hopefully this "changes" are good for the people instead of putting 50% taxes and don't be able to sell gold players


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Re: AH Changes Coming in 2 days (Oct. 29)

I really do hope they fix it as itr's idiculous that you can't sell elites, even when offered for sale at well below the market value.


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Re: AH Changes: Does your Elites selling now?

Bid and Bin Price?
Merged your topic but to answer your question it's dependant on the card and how desirable it is so you have to look it up yourself to know exactly what to sell each card for but 80 Halloween go for 40k, 81s for about 100k, 75+ golds for about 4k, and 70-74 golds for 2.5k


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