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111 Line Up Thread


Pro 1
My updated lineup:


Once I (hopefully) snipe 110 Shaq this AI will be a force to be reckoned with, if it isn’t already.


Pro 1
I put gt Zion on my AI in place of 110 kd and they put up -3 rather then the -20 i’m Used to. Might be a fluke but his AI plays lights out against me.
I put him over Harden based off what you said earlier in this thread. Hoping it’s true. Honestly, this late in the season, I’m more focused on putting up 80 in a tournament than major margins. As long as my AI puts up 30+ in a tournament, I can do it. I’ll probably be averaging 65+ per tournament once 110 Shaq is acquired. That’d be a sight to see.


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View attachment 2468

Will 108s help get this to 111?..
If not might as well sell iverson is what I'm thinking
You’re a bit far off. Not having PG Yao makes this a whole lot harder for you. Only thing that comes to mind for me is selling Giannis, starting Magic and putting ROTB Rose on the bench, and replacing Erving with 108 Tatum. You then need to replace either SG or PF Shaq with any 108+ card (GT Zion is probably your best bet or 108 Vince but PF Shaq isn’t too great for overall). Admiral can work but like I said you’re bit far from 111.


Pro 1
Simmons C with +4 block to replace Admiral should do it.
That’s what I thought but that only puts him at 109.6 without a team boost at every position. I was at 109.7 with a total of +19 in boosts from my bench alone and still wasn’t 111. Then again overall is arguably the most broken aspect of the game, so who knows..


All-Star 1
Ok thanks guys.. Looks like ill wrap the season at 110 u less the next few promos have more grindable 109s..
Im sure not going to snipe 109s and 110s.. Was surprised i could get giannis


Pro 2
Ok thanks guys.. Looks like ill wrap the season at 110 u less the next few promos have more grindable 109s..
Im sure not going to snipe 109s and 110s.. Was surprised i could get giannis
AH is dead. I missed the flurry of activity Monday early morning. The curse of being on pacific time.
Similar situation to A Anatdoc . Any move here besides 110 Shaq or Davis at C that works for me? Soon to get 109 AI boosted. Had 109 cartoon Zion at SG with no change. I also flip flop Admiral and Olajuwon as well as Magic and Ming for manual to AI respectively.

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Pro 1
A couple of other configurations with higher OVR:
View attachment 2476View attachment 2478
With these you’re very close to 111 especially with TD and Gasol. They’re both 109.6 but I’d go with the top one over the one with Dr. J.

That being said, Admiral is the obvious replacement here, and if you happen to get your hands on GT Zion or 110 Harden then you’re pretty much there.

Replacing Admiral with Ayton could work. I’d try it myself but I don’t have Magic and unfortunately I don’t have SG Shaq. Replacing Admiral with Ayton is risky because while it’s +1 to your total overall I’m assuming Duncan would drop to 109 which doesn’t get anywhere.

Now, one card may bump you to 111 alone; GT Ben Simmons. It’s +2 to your overall, +3 if he happens to boost to 111 in your lineup (Saw someone had him at 111 with just 3/5 chemistry, but then again it was the We Believe Kerr booster) and +1 at the least if for whatever reason TD drops to 109. Even if it was +1, my OG 111 lineup was 109.7 which is what this hypothetical lineup would be at the least. If it were still 110, you may have to use the Bulls +5 ORB jersey, which is what I had to do to be 111.

Not much else comes to mind.


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