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111 Line Up Thread


All-Star 2
serious question - when will Yao become available? If ever? Only one I need to have a 111 team I think..
by the looks of it, never
unless they break all the rules in the last week at which point it hardly matters
the AH hasnt even crashed this year bcz of the lame promos(i guess its intentional so that we drain our coins)


Pro 3
Interesting. Debating whether or not I should sell mine to get most of the coins back I spent for Harden or go for 111. Based on T TomH experiences I may stay as a strong 110.
I'm trying to get to 111 for the fun of it but I can do pretty well against 111s right now so I may stay at a stout 110 with all the boosts I like rather than a low 111.


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I'm planning on saving 5 mil. By next week I should be back to 15-17 mil, so I've got some room to play around. If im able to snag Magic or Harden, I'll have less wiggle room
Ok. Makes sense.. somehow thought u had 20m plus to play around with..
Ya I guess sg, pf and c is what I would like to switch and c..
How do I get this team to 111? Without curry! Who else?! He’s annoying. Magic 108 didn’t work.
You have to replace Curry. If you had Yao I bet you'd be 111. Maybe go for Simmons or any 108 PG with boosts. But that Curry is what is preventing you from getting to 111 for sure.


Pro 1

Here’s my current lineup. I’m debating whether or not I want to go for 111, or wait for new cards to release.

If I do go for 111, obviously PG and Gobert need to be replaced; 108 Vince for PG, and I’m not sure who would take the place of Gobert (Not sure if I would need AD, sold mine yesterday and CBA to snipe another).

I have 36m coins. What should I do?


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