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When is the good time to buy in ah?


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AH posting will be disabled by aug 28 and will be completely shut down by sep 1st. I currently have 8m in my alt and need 4 more plats to complete giannis and 8 90 elites to complete steve francis (if released this week). Will prices drop after august 28 or should i start bidding/buying now? Thanks


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Once the AH stops allowing posting prices will skyrocket as there will be a limited supply of those cards left as new ones aren't put up during that time so any time before that is ideal


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Just out of interest, I bought 165 pro packs for $1.23m and posted them to finish today in the last 12 hours. I sold about 75% of the cards and turned it into $2.5m. The rest I?ll use for training anyway.