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Use Elite Showdown tokens or Save?


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I currently have 228 elite showdown tokens. Should I use 120 of them to get a showdown master or save them all up?

From the screenshots it seems we don't need many elite tokens on the new format -- 10 for each master. The thing is I don't know if there will be some kind of wild card where we can exchange the elite tokens. I have a feeling that it will be hard to get these 100 OVR players especially the player tokens since they seem to be given out randomly. The elite tokens probably easier to get.

Thoughts? Use some elite tokens now or save them all?


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I saw a screenshot where looks like you may be able to trade them for superstar token (which are the ones with the star).

If I had the amount you have, I would Trade 120 in for one of those players if i need one and save the rest.


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So Superstar tokens are now the requirement for showdown masters? Good thing i have 68 just sitting around lol


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Save them since you can trade them in for superstar tokens and use get one of the showdown masters for 100 tokens instead of 120 so you could get 2 and then use the other 28 on whatever


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