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UL 97 John Starks


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Hi all,

I have just gotten John Starks 97 UL after buying and selling some elite players to get the exchange set done.

However, while I thought JS would be a slight upgrade from Harden clutch masters, JS has been disappointing in his shooting from the perimeter.

Then when I put back JH13 back to starting lineup, the shooting becomes better, and I am winning SD & LvL games again.

I am wondering if I should keep JS, sell him or upgrade him..pls advise. thanks...


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He doesnt go for that much.. keep him in ur bench if u dont have an equally high ovr player
On the other hand if ur low in coin sell


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ok, I am probably gonna look at other SGs to replace JS card...I will put him for sale in AH.

Disappointing card honestly....

I also have Russell Westbrook 93 as a spare so now not so bad.


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Staff member
I used him for a couple of days, not a fan of his game play. Decent to profit off though if you built him for the right price.. made around 1.2m building him.


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Yup, I am looking at Jamal Crawford 94 (D) as a replacement, primarily because of his dribble boost for the entire team.

*Brodie 93 only gives the +5 dunk boost to the starter.

Once I get JC, I will sell JS; hopefully able to get 1.5m to 2m for him at the very least.


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I finally sold off Starks for 1.5m and bought Jamal Crawford UL 94 at 2m....

With JC +5 dribble boosts, my players have less turnovers as compared to the past. Even Melo has less now; he used to be the main one losing the ball once he's man marked.


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