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Royalty LeBron


Rookie 1
How much did you play for royality LeBron? I need 3 more tokens, GSW, Rockets and Celtics. What do you think, to continue or give up?


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Re: Royality LeBron

I?ve needed warriors since the beginning. Warriors. Up to you. I play just once or twice per event anymore.


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Re: Royality LeBron

i got 19 tokens the first day it was out. I still dont have celtics token.

i generally play the assist challenge only once, but then play the 3pt and dunk challenge a min. of 10 times per event.


Rookie 2
Yeah, they brought it back.

out of the 3 events since Fri, I have gotten the Heat token. I am now only short of Raps, Celtics, Dubs & Rockets.

Those latter 4 are the most elusive by far...


Rookie 2
Abilities are always useful, but you the 3 tokens you need are the rarest ones so it's probably for the best to focus on other live events as you're very unlikely to pull them.

I'd suggest Award Winner LeBron as a replacement for his royalty version. He has better stats just without the ability or boosts.


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I pulled last night Rockets token so i will continue because I need him for showdown. And you are right, that award winner LeBron is very good. I use him in my line-up.


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Staff member
Took me two weeks as well, got lucky / EA hadn't messed with the drop rates yet.


Pro 1
took me about 94 collectibles total in less than a month - ea didn't want to me to play the first day, but I think I only had a weekend without a new collectible.

sometimes i still play the event for the first win - i got a second collectible of all teams except gsw.


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