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Picking a Classic Lineup Center (Help!)


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I'm currently using 96 SD Hakeem and am annoyed at his inconsistency. I'm looking to replace him and am deciding between 95 Finals David Robinson and 97 Awards Emeka Okafor. My priorities in a center is rebounding first, shooting second and third, defense.

So who should I pick up, Robinson or Okafor? Should I maybe stick with Hakeem or maybe you have a center you'd like to suggest? Also it would be great if you could provide reviews if you've used the aforementioned cards. Thanks a lot!

Note: My budget is around 3-4 mil


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Just hold on to Hakeem for now... C what the next promo holds
If u can't wait,. Buy okafor (higher ovr) try him out .. if u don't like sell..


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Well Okafor is not the guy you want if you want shooting but other then that he's a great fit so you could try him out like Anatdoc said