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Not selling


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it might take some tries, but almost all things sell eventually.
101/9999999999 is usually the best way to go for everything other than high value or rare cards.


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There’s 50 minutes left to the auction and no bids yet
It isn't a guarantee plus when you post a card it will either sell in the first hour or get a bid/sell in the last hour often times being a bid so don't worry


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I haven’t been able to sell platinum jerseys for weeks now. I’ve tried 100/9999999 101/9999999. Neither work for me
I can sell players no problem. Just sold a bunch of 77s, 76s and others. Sold instantly. Some are bets so it also sold. Anyways, I find coaches hard to sell like none sold for me. Prices have dropped a lot, I noticed. 80 overall wiggins, i sold him for 500k early on in the season. I’m glad I did cuz his price are nowhere close to what it once was


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For some reason they have strange price caps on the jerseys/boosts/courts. Ultras can't be posted below 2.35 mil, so onc nothing is selling if there's no demand at that price. Same thing with elites, they're low capped at 193k which is still more than ppl want to pay since they're easy to come by and there's way to buy them cheap & build a Royal item for less than 20mil..... ridiculous


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