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Next gen and impact done


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Next Gen and Impact programs will be leaving the NBA LIVE Mobile experience on February 8th at 6am EST. You will have until then to earn any further progress you wish to in these programs. Note that you will have the option to use set buyouts or sell excess tokens through quick sell.


The sets will be available until March 4th at 6am EST.


We have decided to focus our development efforts on bringing you other high quality content, such as the new Monthly Master program that began on January 31st.


Thank you for your support and helping us make NBA LIVE Mobile the best experience it can be

Wish they kept the impact program though


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**** man of course they get rid of impact thanks for sharing but **** them for once again dropping a weekly performance program
So does this mean there will be no more new impact players? I have 22 tokens right now and want to make the most of them. I can get 3 total, so do I spend them on CJ and DJ?


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So does this mean there will be no more new impact players? I have 22 tokens right now and want to make the most of them. I can get 3 total, so do I spend them on CJ and DJ?
If u have 22 'trophies' then definitely turn in 7 for dj or cj.. and wait to c who next weeks are..
Its not sure yet if they are releasing new ones next week.
@stewie.. didnt even let us get superstar tokens.. still only have 4...
Next Gen really had so much potential, shame to see it go. A great free program. Same with Impact, even with it's limitations. I admit, I hadn't done a single first win in quite some time. Nice concept, but the idea of grinding for a card that loses it's boost after 2 weeks, with the main goal of finally getting the permanent superstar....sadly a rough sell with how long it would take to actually get a superstar lol. GOTW at least has added more ways to get a little closer to the weekly master, never really saw that with Impact, unfortunately.


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and here i was hoping to get 84 klay this week... sigh...

well lets hope they bring out some 96ers for the last impacts.. at least saving them wont be all for a waste..


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next gen was just fun to complete easily the 2 daily sets requirements (we all have so many extra useless tokens!)
impact : without grinding we were getting a new player every 30 days ? and it took 300 days to reach a superstar? lololol

I just completed it once (hayward) then I sold him. Now I got Andr? Jordan (great stats but dissapointed so far...) I'll just get whoever is the last player this week and i have no more tokens left :)

I WISH EA WOULD TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION that it takes a LOOOT of griding to get these programs players (FB, IMPACT, ...) COULD THEY BOOST THE OVR OF THESE PLAYERS ? or....make it faster to reach ?

I've been willing to complete for example FB for 4 weeks now...but Hayward, Horford, Rubio 93? com'on!


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im gonna risk and wait till tomorrow.. can still gain the "monthly master" bonus
I immediately did both sets once I heard it was going away. This got me the current bonus. My guess is the next bonus will be different since that's 5 less sets to choose from but who knows.


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