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New Account, Old player


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Hey all I'm Justin go by the username Kien on the game, using my Facebook account. I've had a 98 ranked team before but sadly it somehow got overwritten or just something happened to it to where I had to start over. So I am back now, first time on these forums and just saying hello to you all. I'm a big time baller IRL at my LA Fitness down here in South Florida, so I'm just introducing myself and also still looking for a good league fit. It's been a bit since I have played since I lost my old account. Either way pleasure to meet you all. (Also incase you're wondering admins/mods found this site using google, searching "NBA live mobile forums")


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Welcome to the forum and we hope you enjoy yourself here but sorry about your old team and thanks for sharing how you found us


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I had been in ur situation and I know how does it feel :(( I’ve played for two seasons. The old account which is belonged to u now must be gone. Cause’ at the end of every seasons which is also based on the real-time NBA, EA will reset all old accounts with a little boost for the incoming season included ( The Legacy Event, some currency tokens ?? For u to exchange for players packs ( believe me it sucks ) and a legacy line-up can be used in Legacy Events where we get bronze player 😂😂😂 )

And that’s all let’s start a whole new season by grinding for events, campaigns and daily beats.

Have fun, Justin.


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