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My unofficial luck in the shard exchange


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I unfortunately did not count the actual amount of exchanges with a baseline of how many I started from but I recently decided there was no way I was going to do well enough this week to get a 100 showdown player the old fashioned way so i decided to take the guys I was furthest away from and do the 2 for 1 shard exchange.

I had 40 of Lowry and Hardaway so I did 59 exchanges with the shards from Hayward, Dr. J and Kemp.

I now have Hardaway! And I am 2 Lowry shards away from 100.

I don't know if this will help anyone but figured some of you math wizzes may be able to use this to decide if it's worth exchanging for you.


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I already have him and I gotta say, I'm not sure I should've gotten him. He's good but I have him at a 106 and I thought he should be unreal. He is just very good. Helps much more on defense than offense.


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People are actually using the shards to get 105 Pantheon AD. Better player than any of the showdown titans.
This is what I did first. I took all the collectibles from players I was furthest away from getting and got AD. Then with my remaining tokens I exchanged them to finish off the one player I was closest to getting which was Hardaway. I'm glad I never used the exchange set all season until AD came out.


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I had gotten Hayward by sacrificing 10 of my Dr J, Lowry and Jordan shards in that exchange on that Sunday.

But I still had at least 50 shards left for the latter 3 just mentioned.

So after season reset, by winning the easy SD levels, I've gotten the remaining 10 and get AD 105 as well, with EA giving me 5 GT players additional to let my 95 plats go. Haha...


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