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MAY monthly master


Pro 1
I am expecting a SG, but no inside info. Just because we had PG Magic, SF Bird, C Ewing and PF Horry already.

104? 105?


Pro 2
Yup. It’s another PG - 104 Curry. All campaign events zero stamina. Called Under Armor Rush Campaign. Works the same as Monthly Master campaigns did except you can get a couple more free elite tokens a day. Don’t know if there are rewards tied to Objectives, but assume so. Hey a 104 Curry is awesome, but really - another pg?


Rookie 1
( For F2P)

There 7 events which give 7 elite tokens playable every day
So in may 31 days
So 31×7=217 elite tokens
Hence u all can get 217 tokens but I assume u need more to get 104 curry with clutch ability

(Not included objectives)
This is the Monthly Master, under a new name & sponsored now. EA getting that extra $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Yeah, another PG....but since is my man Curry i will shut up.....:cool:

I can see the 103 Irving prices plummeting already.


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There are 3 ways we go go from here...

1) We can make a new thread with all the details in the main post since this is a question thread rather than an answer one

2) We can just try to turn it from said question thread into an answer one by migrating everything to the original post but u usually leave that job to the poster which usually it's too much to ask so I usually make a new one instead

3) we can leave it how it is with everything scattered around


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And people continue to make threads regarding this..
To be fair this was made about 3 hours earlier than the other one but it required acceptance to make visible to other because it was their first post and it was a thread so the combo of the 2 requires approval to avoid fake accounts posting spam I didn't approve it but someone several hours after the other one was made


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