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Map Hopper Token Pack (199 cash)


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I don?t but I did the 50 flags for a platinum token and it gave me 5 flags as well. I thought I read you got 5 flags when when you turned 10 plat tokens for the 90-94 player. Thought this was odd I got these.

Update. Did it again and got five more flags. Just realized your not even talking about flags but I was curious about this. I did the set again and got 5 more flags as earlier today I was just getting the platinum token.

Edit again. I believe we are talking about the same thing and have gotten 10 the last two platinum tokens I have received. If we are talking about two different things dismiss all of this.
You mean the 50 token trade in? Nah I know those give you like a 20% chance at 5 Europe-Africa tokens. I'm talking about the 199 cash pack in the store. 20% is too low for my luck, and I want to get a plat as soon as possible before their prices drop by millions.


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