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How many 4-Point Plays do y'all have?


Rookie 1
For me, I've gotten 2 of them

1st, from base 84 Steph Curry when i was in a fastbreak and did a moving fadeaway, ball went in and got the free throw...happened in Season Mode.

2nd, Base Steph Curry again, but this time in H2H where i did a moving 3 by accident and got fouled while making the shot.

Both of them happened a looooong time ago...I'm trying to get one again but it's pretty difficult lol


Rookie 2
Staff member
Once last season on a stepback three with Penny Hardaway, missed the freethrow tho.
And this season, but can't remember with who.


Rookie 1
1 with Royalty Bron the other day. Too bad many of these type of calls don't get called like in real life as simply during clutch however is guarding "teleports" through LeBron :(