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cheers mods 4 a great job


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dunno about everyone else, but this forum is miles ahead of the original!

we have a forum, which is open and free for discussion, and there is no fear as there was in the last

guys are doing an awesome job! cheers and heres 2 a better S3 (than S2)!


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Amen to that. We can speak the words freely but above all I like that the members respect each other better here than at GG. Kudos!! Aramwot, stewie, Alekk and to the rest of the guys.

I remember you guys talking about it in Gg to open this site and I said I will be here too. And now we?re here. Hope it grows further!


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Previous gg has a lot of cursing and hating, i agreee that on this forum members respect each other and hopefully as we grow will continue the same. Kudos to the creators of this forum as well as to the veterans from previous.


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Thank you for the kind words guys we wanted to make this place in the image of how we wanted GG to be because the personnel was the main issue with GG the egomaniacs that were too lazy to make changes to the site and lying to turn things in their favor all made that site a pain at times


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definitely appreciate the hard work. i do wonder how muthead is and would like there to be a little more volume here but the content is excellent.


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Shout out to all the members too, this place is about as active as gg was during the last month if not more.


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Thanks guys, no community is a community without great members - you are all great members!

Yes sir betaman, I just played Stewie and he told me to join. I been so busy in summer time, I didn?t even know we had a forum anymore. This is great!!!!!


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Echoed and roger to that too. :D

I myself usually come back regularly even when I am busy with work till late at night. Going to gg was a pragmatic decision, not one done with passion.

Coming here is one with passion and love for this online community. :D


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Yes sir betaman, I just played Stewie and he told me to join. I been so busy in summer time, I didn?t even know we had a forum anymore. This is great!!!!!
Man, I feel those tire tracks backing up over me! I sent you a PM at the other place the day this place opened!

AND you responded, ?Cool, I?ll check it out?. I guess in your defense you never said when! Haha


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i will remain here and active with one condition.. DONT LET 4KATOSH JOIN!! :D :D
(if he joins) give him a ban straight away!! :D :D


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