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cant sell 101 buzzer beater booker


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ive been posting 101 booker in auction house for buy now 3.9 mil twice and it will never get sold...anyone having a solution?
I've seen multiple sold instantly for 4.1-4.2mil. It's just the bot controlling things as usual. The bot buys low, around 3-3.8mil but somehow all the cards posted and sold are 4mil. Just a way to make sure the player doesn't benefit too much.


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It's because the Bot adds a % to each card you list. The Bot can post cards for 4.3 mil but you can't. List it for around 3.8 mil and it will sell


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The bot adds a 5+ % to your max price. I also had the same question about the max price for Booker BB. We need to sell him now before the next promo with the 102OVR players because the max price caps will change again.


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what dub365 & rene87 say.

Go down 50k-100k everytime the card does not sell.

Max price is 3.999.999
They say the cap is just under 4 mil but I haven't been able to sell anything for more than 3.8 mil this season. Even when that card is insta selling and any price. Idk. But ppl don't need to get mad when they see a card sell for 4.3, it's just the way EA has it set up, no players are getting that much coin for their cards. EA is just slowly siphoning coins from the economy to help themselves


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The bot wants you to lose coins, the card instantly selling for 4-4.3 mil but you can only list it for 3.5mil.


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I do not know if I did the right move. I set the auction price 3.3m to 3.4m and got the money in less than an hour. I was panicked because there are thousands of Booker BB and McDermott clutch cards despite that the auction house limits them to a few.


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