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Can't login? the game just won't load?!

No problem on Android for me. Have you updated the app?. If not, do it. If yes, uninstall & reinstall the app.

If nothing works... there is nothing you can do. Brian said they are investigating.


Rookie 1
Same issue, iOS. Either says maintenance, timeout with servers, or unexpected error. The screen also blacks out.
Already installed and uninstalled, all updates are good, WiFi connection is good, I think EA forgot to stop users from logging in during their maintenance rn.


Rookie 1
it's happening again.. this time I can't login into one of my accounts... keeps saying "something unexpected went wrong".


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I had the same problem now.. I've logged in several times after maintenance but now just cannot log in, I didn't say anything before game crashes, any one knows how to fix this?


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Games fkd. I tried to log in during maintenance. Closed it opened it, and re installed, it goes to ?returning user? and then crashes every time and doesn?t let me in... great work EA!


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I was able to login, but when I looked at my objectives for the final gold scale, they have been reset? Anyone have the same issue?

I had already finished a couple of the objectives. SMH EA!!

** Update - as I posted this message - Server Maintenance lol - this may fix my above concern - we'll see. **


Rookie 2
Objectives reset. Legends reset. Campaigns for lny reset. So now I have two marbury

Good thing is legend reset so more tokens. Bird campaign reset. So more tokens

Not sure where to get additional sets without burning through legends or flashbacks to complete the objectives tho

Since I have to repeat everything. Don't think I'll have stamina to reach items that has first wins.


Rookie 3
Both guest accounts gone. I know i should have linked them in fb account but do you guys have gone this situation before? Uninstalling reinstalling doesn?t fix the issue. Tried to log throu eahelp but can?t find my game id. I know i screenshot it before. Thanks


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