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BF Elites Advice


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Just got to 500 tokens and trying to figure out which elite I should get.

My lineup is 87 Curry -- 86 Houston -- 89 Tatum -- 82 Gordon -- 86 Unseld

Obviously PF is a position of need (and I've read previous posts about Griffen/Green/Gordon), but I've also been frustrated with Houston's lack of 3PT at the SG, and contemplating Horford mostly just cuz I'm a Celtics fan.

Are there any of the elites that are way better than the rest?

Thanks for the help!


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Lol you literally just said your answer. You NEED 2 things but WANT 1 thing.

Honestly, I would replace your PF ASAP. But elevate griffin is also an easy replacement or use AH as a supplement to BF tickets. I shoot a ton of 3s and don?t like Houston as my starting SG. The 90 Oladipo card is quite good IMO, 90 McCollum is also another good option.


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You could forgo the 90 and spend your Tix on other sets to get your lineup better overall. Otherwise, I'd upgrade PF bc it's the weakest.

You could spend Tix on the elevate players. If you can pull Hayward and Whiteside & then use whatever else you get as TP to max them out, you could have 88s at SG and C that are dope. There's no guarantee that you'll get them but out of 10 possible pulls, I bet you will.


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Thanks all -- this is some great/creative advice! Think I'm just gonna go the vanilla route and get Griffin 90


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