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Best All Star Master: Lebron or Giannis? Gameplay wise and Noticeable AI


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I have Giannis and I?m quite satisfied with his rebounding/ block and speed.

Still thinking, how about if I Get Master Lebron?
I chose Ghost Durant over LBJ and I?m lacking for a nice PF and Higher ovr.

Markannen is good tho, He was my first Ghost Player..

Thoughts anyone?
I picked lebron on 2 accounts and giannis on one. Noticing giannis runs the floor and I like that. But I am also very happy with lebron. Glad I picked lebron the most.

I don?t know how anyone actually takes a rebounding stat on this game into consideration. Just thinks it?s rigged game to game


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LeBron is great on manual but weak on AI I don't know how Giannis is personally on manual but his AI is much better than LeBron's


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Giannis has been good for me, one spin move will usually free up enough space to trigger the dunk&layup animations instead of a SWC.(I really feel like there is some kind of hidden stat for this, international Enes Kanter was also like this last year)

He can pop a three when he's open and he grabbed several offensive rebounds over LNY Boogie. AI is okay, pretty average except for the time he went nuts and scored 11 on me.


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