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Anyone having withdrawals?


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I?ve opened the app about 7 times today. I know it?s down for maintanance for new season and I?m ok with that but I still open it lol

I?ve been opening this game for a little over a year everyday. So it?s a habit to open it every time I grab my phone.

Anyone having any other types of withdrawal?

I need to find something to do. Maybe I?ll play with the kids (JK I don?t let the game get in between my regular life)

Share your story!!


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Re: Anyone having withdraws?

Opening the game no, but checking here for any news or updates it's probably the 3rd or 4th time today xD

Btw, what was the final result of the friendly match? I checked exactly at 12 here and it was already under maintenance, so I missed any last bits of action in our league.


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Re: Anyone having withdraws?

Edll you beat me by 12 I believe. Your defense stepped it up in 4th and didn?t really let my offense create anything.
Re: Anyone having withdraws?

No withdrawals so far. The ending to Season 2 was so mundane that I had already reduced my playing time.

When does the new season drop? Asia says it has maintenance until September 5th but I thought the app was coming on the 6th.


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Re: Anyone having withdraws?

Nope. S2 was a complete train wreck and the ending was completely boring.


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Re: Anyone having withdraws?

Agree to that. Season?s ending was pretty boring. I am more of in anticipation of what s3 would look like with the way they almost took a month off upon the end of season 2. Makes me wanna believe they were WORKING on something big BUT.......it?s EA sooo...gotta taper my expectations down.


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Re: Anyone having withdraws?

I already uninstalled it, waiting for S3 and just checking forums.

Few days without NBALM is a good thing for our brains. I feel like I need a reset too, all these boring events and things like opening every single crap clicking it 2 or 3 times before it's claimed lol.. even 2 weeks without the game would be ok for me, I need fresh head for another season.

I just hope for more fun in S3.
Nah I'm playing Madden to pass the time and I'm just shocked at how much of a better game it is than nba. The content on Madden is INSANE! There is just so much to do that to play all the live events took me 1.5 hours today. The devs did an incredible job on madden I hope they put in the same effort on nba.


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Tried to open it just now, just in case hehe
Yes, i have a bit of withdrawals because this game has become part of my daily routine.

But i specially miss selling gold cards. Anyone wants to buy some? I got screenshots! :D

Btw, i found the endgame to be very exciting, specially because i wasn?t sure if I could get Zo untill the last week and Giannis untill the last couple of days.
And next season will certainly be played differently by me, because after this half-season (I started in March) i will manage available resources differently (specially when deciding to buy and train new players for my lineups).


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idk why anyone is uninstalling it? i mean your are one a forum for the game you know you are playing season 3, lol. i opened it 2-3 times just to see if anything was gonna pop up for the 6th.


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