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Any Predictions for the Next Certified Player?


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Woody Sauldsberry.
Idk actually, could be literally any NBA player ever.


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Lol, well If they are doing a classic card one week and the next week is a present player card then it seems like this next week will have a present player card. If they are also only doing a player from each position then it looks like this next week would be either a center or a shooting guard. So based on that if I had to guess I would say a Klay Thompson (with more accurate stats) or Jayson Tatum might be the shooting guard choice. For center I could see them having a Gobert or maybe even a Lauri Markkanen card.


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With the card art design of the certified cards looking like lightning bolts, I think it would be cool if they had a Russell Westbrook or throwback okc Durant card! ( Yes I?m a big Thunder fan lol)


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Kyle Singler!!
It could be any player maybe Marc Gasol? He doesn't have any cards above 92 if I'm correct.