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AH refresh timer change?


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Anyone else notice change in the AH refresh timer or consistency in it? For me, it used to be very consistent at 5+1 minutes, ie 1206, 1211, 1216, etc. now it varies from 5+2 to 5+3, so 1207 or 1208, 1212 or 1213, etc. even been 5+4 a few times, which was very weird because it almost skipped a whole refresh cycle without refreshing. been very frustrating to try to snipe since I can?t bank on which minute to go refresh and it?s making an already aggressive snipe AH environment harder to manage. The clock I?m using for this is my iPhone/iPad timer, which are autosynced.


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For me it?s 5 and 10 with the 5 being a few drops and the 10 with a wider range of X card so like :01,:06,:11,:16


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I believe the refresh cycle is filter dependent. Meaning if you are filtering on a high number of drops then sometimes you will get more than 1 drop in a +5 min cycle. I haven't seen this in s3 but that's how it was in s1 and s2. I expect we might see something similar if AH drops pickup.


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The refresh time progresses throughout the day because it's not just every 5 minutes it's every 5 minutes and a couple seconds so it will cycle through the combos of :00/05, :01/06, :02/07, :03/08, and :04/09 a couple times a day


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