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105 OVR Rewind F&I Masters Simmons and Iverson


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Here are the cards they changed the styles, changed Fire AI to classic lineup, and as I expected no abilities

105 OVR Rewind Ice Master Defensive PG Ben Simmons with +3 SPD to Team (PACK):


105 OVR Rewind Fire Master Power SG Allen Iverson '01 with +3 SPD to Team (SET):


AI is confirmed as the set card (as expected due to the pattern so far) so back to back 105 Power SGs from the same program with the same boosts and almost an identical sum of secondary stats they also fixed Simmons boost and have the cards descriptions


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Why ben does not have though the rewind icon in his card?

I don't think these cards are finished because he doesn't have a logo, starting boost, and neither have a description but they have a couple days to fix that before they are released and hopefully one of them gets a set but based on previous Rewind sets if they do make a set it is almost certain to be AI


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Simmons with 99 three-pointer and Iverson with 97 rebounding...yeah, I think I'll stop playing showdown once they're released.
It'll be interesting to see whether they add abilities. I guess they would rather encourage people to spend money on building Harden than getting SImmons but then again they could make a lot of money off Simmons packs.


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I wonder why though.. 98 Simmons has been a let down for most people... And his ai is definitely nowhere near 91 ben.. I'm expecting the same from 105 ben


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Everyone holds Simmons to the standard of 91.. hopefully this 105 is shit... I dropped 12m on the 91 not too long ago...


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As it?s based on the 91 I?m hoping for good things. The 98 had 86 mid range and only 82 three pt, seven attributes in total in the 80?s. A 6?10? PG is always going to be a problem but the numbers didn?t add up for that to be a 98. This appears to be a far superior card, we?ll know soon enough.


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I'm kinda glad because at least I won't have to face him in SD, especially since the 105 Simmons card might be the most OP card this season since he's a PG. Now I don't know what to do with my 6 plats though.

Anyways, thanks for the info as always Stewie!


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