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103 looking for a new home


Rookie 1
Hey guys, I?ve been in the same league for 14 months but I feel that I need a change. I?m looking for a no pressure league who play everyday and are active in chat. I?m really experienced in the game, 100 ovr last year and 103 right now. I?ve been admin and commish and enjoy helping my team mates. Please pm me if anything comes up. Cheers.


Rookie 3
Staff member
Hey man,

NBALiveComunity league ranked around 100 is open if you're keen.

We are all sticking together s3.

Only requirements is Line app for group chat and all qtrs played if you need to skip just give notice so we can bench.

Pm Stewie or myself if you want to come on board.


Rookie 1
OK, might join for S3.

My NBA line up is over 100; classic is over 99.

I'll think abt it & pm you once the reboot is completed next week.


Rookie 1
Thanks aramwot, I've been accepted into one already but it seems pretty quiet so far. I'll see how it goes and pm you if it doesn't work out


Rookie 1
Check out FAKE BACON. We are around 15 strong, very active chat, with loyal players who have been around since season one. The commissioner is an AUSSIE as well, and we cannot get him to stop raving about his craving for Vegemite. We also have players from the USA and Europe to provide a diversified crowd for your maximal enjoyment.