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wtf is this everyone see


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They're obviously blacklisting the site for reasons already stated in this thread
Try to write it with (dot) instead of the actual dots or use the "insert link" tool.


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4katosh also Locked and Deleted a thread earlier that one member in GG mentioned us in this forum. It was about the leaked DS players like embiid. First it was locked and a few mins later it was deleted.

That 4katosh is a suck up.


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i asked him if i could post this site and he said this what an idiot
Don't worry they'll allow promotion of YT channels etc. They like to throw little shots in their responses like demeaning competition they don't want people taking away from their precious ad revenue


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Lol....so they are just pathetic mods. I hope u guys not like that in the future. They said wanna close but they just afraid something new. No wonder they keep warning people like: DO NOT SHOUT ON TITLE, THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN SOLVED DO NOT BRING THE OLD TOPIC bla bla bla.....

GG forum has nothing new info for me. Since I joined them, I has been trying to kill my time there....hope this forum is giving new info in the future. More and more people will be here, do not worry. Mods, try to insert some NBA pictures so this page not too dull....just my suggestion. Keep it up


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We will never be like that. Takes a real piece of work personality to be like that.


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