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Would you consider playing NBA 2K Mobile if EA stops supporting NBA Live?

Would you consider playing NBA 2K Mobile if EA stops supporting NBA Live?

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Hey guys!

I wanted to reach out get your current views and opinions on the current state of NBA Live Mobile.

How do you think the updates compare to last year?

What kind of info do you use NBA Live Mobile Community for?

What other sports mobile games do you play?


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If they still don't have a way to dribble and play defense effectively then no but I've been playing nba mobile games for most of this decade I wouldn't mind using this game shutting down in your scenario as a way to quit them altogether for good
I will never play 2k mobile even if live quits. I played for a couple days but bad gaming experience. The gameplay is not good and it is hard to get used to it for a beginner like me. quality of the game is good but controls is too hard to get into. Also it is too much p2w so a problem for me


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Every time i try it (just for the sake of it, since without an AH it’s pointless) my main problem is getting the shooting of the ball straight (can’t hit perfect shot... ever). And I didn’t find anywhere you can practice it (only some stupid “tap fast” drills).

I guess it’s 2k saying “if you don’t like our shooting, bugger off”... and i did.


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This game has turned to be an addition to a bad mobile experience. If it will shutdown, will be blessing in disguise.


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Well here's my 2 cents. I have been playing NBA Live since the 2001 Version on the PC. So I cant ever see myself not playing Live.

Also!! When I can play one version of 2K on PS and my teams coach looks like a headles person with no way to correct the graphics issue, you know 2K's bad. Plus I didn't like the gameplay of 2K. Always felt it was inferior to Live.

I also didn't like their Free Agency because once a player had declined to sign an offer you gave em, there was usually nothing else you could do to try and sign that player.

Now back to Live. EA gives us some pretty cool cards and content for free. Yes grinding is involved but at least you don't feel like its pay to win like 2K seems to be.

Also my favorite function of Live is Autoplay. I love that for season mode a whole lot. Kinda makes me feel like a real GM watching his team play from the sidelines or team box.

Yes there are things EA could improve on but just be glad we still get it free.


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