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Wilt final event


Pro 1
IIRC my successful tactic was waiting a lot near the middle and then take a northern path following one of the moving zones.
Most successful attempts (including my own) involve taking the bottom route. you pretty much have to follow the moving box but keep a slight distance and take your time. Once the box moves out of the maze immediately go up and left to exit the maze and of course score (i tried going toward the sideline after exiting and failed many times, and but didn't think to try going up left to exit right toward the basket


All-Star 1
Just take your time and watch the pattern of the boxes. Getting to the middle and then moving one space down and then right is the path I chose. I can't remember if you use a loaned player or your starter but the smallest center possible would probably help too if that's an option. I had D Howard and he takes some long steps!


Rookie 3
Whew, finally made it. Thanks for the tips guys. I went southward following the moving pattern, wait a bit after the first layer of obstacles then drove. I am now 1 ovr away from 83 requirement for isaiah.


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