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Will the Auction House crash again this year?


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In early September 2017 the AH crashed with the final trigger being free Kings Of The Court 96 plus cards and Cornucopia packs. In the final 2 weeks of the season you could buy 96's for around 60k. What are your recollections of what you bought and how it went down? I bought 96 Tmac with clutch for 50k, I remember in the first week of October, 90 plus were under 20k. If you're pretty happy with your team now I would keep a war chest because imagine how cheap it's going to be train our high end elites.

We're only 10 weeks away from that time period and I think it will all happen again because EA will be trying to bribe us all into playing in season 3.


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Technically the crash starts during the summer in EA games it starts to get really cheap a month after the championship is won which would be next month it just progressively gets worse until everything is dirt cheap but I'm expecting it to start sometime next month


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I finished season 1 with about 20M in coins and opened a shit ton of pro packs. I have more than double that now purely by accident (ie I spent season 1 learning AH and didn?t actually play the game as much but in season 2 it?s the opposite). I?m afraid how many pro packs that could be by the end of the season!
Prices have already begun to drop on Asia which I'm told is much cheaper than global at the moment. I'm not sure if the crash will be quite as dramatic as last season. It depends on how the bot reacts to changes in the market. The maximum cards are supposed to be 110 OVR so low-end platinums will definitely drop in value. They're starting to creep under a million on Asia.


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