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Why was Rewind Iverson so unpopular?

I'm not sure why so many Rewind Iversons appeared in the market on the Asia server (they may have come from the platinum set) but it was tough selling him for even 500k on one of the AHs I post to. I stupidly picked him up for 1M thinking I could flip him but nobody wanted him. I'm not overly fond of Iverson cards in the game but it seems surprising that a 105 OVR card was selling for less than a 95-96 platinum. Builder's remorse?

Certified Stockton was another card selling for pretty low but that is understandable given his stats weren't that great.


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What! Reallly? Only 500k-1mil? There must have been a glitch or something for him to be that low.

Cards there are really cheap compared to global and to answer your question Common it's because he is only 6 feet tall and there are many high overall options for classic SG and he is at least 3 inches shorter then all the rest of them which plays a big factor but perhaps his price is a little bugged which has happened plenty of times with cards but he is a very popular player in Asia in real life so it is a little puzzling indeed


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There was def some pretty wacky stuff going on on the Asia server.

I did see AIs some get sniped for ridiculously low prices so that added to the supply at low prices

It's weird man, i got the players I needed for rewind KD for about 3m only to see them trade for 1.7m a few days after he got released.
I also saw Durant, Stockton and Iverson sniped for hundreds of coins. I saw Durant go for 101 coins. I've long suspected that there isn't a bot in the Asia AH anymore. The last time I felt there was a bot was during the Finals promo.


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