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Who should I keep for PF?


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Who should I keep? Got Scalabrine 100 coming in a week or so, for the bench, probably (although he is a beast).
Also got 99 Cousins and 99 Ewing (hope to get him to 100) at the Center position.
As for SF got Pierce and Schrempf (but hoping to catch a Joe Harris whenever he comes).

Plus we'll get the MM promo coming soon.


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McHale for defense or Dirk for offense, I like my PF's to rebound and block. Thats why I'm still using 98 OVR Trending Porzingis even though I made 100 OVR Dirk and KG.


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McHale as I hate Scalabrine (used on another account) and Dirk hasn't been good for team chemistry because while he's a good shooter the team defense suffers a lot

Not sure if you're asking about C and SF but I would use Cousins and Schrempf as starters as I like having as much offense as possible with defense as well compared to just focusing on 1 of those for any position (except PG I would gladly never shoot with a PG if they got a ton of steals) but honestly I hate Pierce since a few days after I got him at first he had the new card syndrome then got Rusty and Detlef went back to being better than him
I picked Parker only because I had Ibaka and didn't need another PF but needed a 100 pG for ovr purposes. Personally if I had Mchale I wouldn't have picked another PF but now that you have both I'd keep the one I can't sell and make some coins off the one I can.


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