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Which Tourney event is the best one to play to get the most tokens?


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Hey guys, Just a quick question. After you play the first win bonuses for Curry, which events do you guys grind out? I'm thinking about doing the 3 guaranteed token Kezar one, because the 2-6 Brooklyn one seems to only give out 2 for me. There is probably a super low chance to pull 5-6 tokens from Brooklyn Blitz, so do you guys recommend doing the Kezar blitz to get 3 tokens every time, the Brooklyn biltz, or one of the 2-4 events to get the most tokens to get Curry faster?


Rookie 1
im doing the Kezar blitz from now on, the 2-6 tokens seems to mainly pull 2 tokens. Another EA way to trick you.
I've been using spare stam on Brooklyn and it definitely averages out to 3-4. If I'm 3 tokens from completing set, obviously Ill go Kezar, but I'm happy with grinding Brooklyn for all repeats, so far. Spent the 250 on it and pulled 17 tokens. Next 250 will probably yield 14 or so but I feel like it balances.


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