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What would you do if you uncover a cheat/glitch in this game?

What would you do if you uncover a cheat/glitch in this game?

  • Report immediately to ea

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Post it on this forum so others can benefit as well

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Keep to yourself

    Votes: 2 33.3%

  • Total voters


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So just wondering what you would do guys in this case. There were some instances in the past that a cheat or glitch is being posted (directly or indirectly) which most of the time starting a debate/argument among users so hoping somehow this will serve us a guide how to deal such situations. If you have any other actions just feel free to comment them. Thanks!


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I would report (in the forum and to EA) that a glitch or cheat is possible but not expose how to do it in the forum or online.


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Depends on who it affects if it doesn't affect other users then I wouldn't mind using it because EA has cheated us enough but if it affects other users negatively I keep it a secret while trying to get EA to fix it

Cheat the system not the players


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If you find something weird, usually the first reaction is to ask if someone else experiences the same. And it's possible that the conditions are not all clear for you seek for clarification.

So in those conditions I would likely share with league-mates and eventually here.

I've done it recently with something weird in gameplay that i don't know how it was triggered or its extent. Feedback here was null tho :p

While the 100% shooting was remaining active here people didn't detail how it was possible to obtain once people figured it out. And I think that was fine.

We say that the 'Bug exists' and 'still exists', EA was aware of it, It was not detailed how, so it didn't spread even more. Bug was eventually fixed.

If it's something that you fear it's not going to be fixed soon, I'd rather have any details completely out of sight.

If it's something that benefits all players, EA should notice it fast enough and there should be enough people close to the game closely reporting the issues anyway. So I'd be in favor of spilling those to the forum.

It annoyed me a lot when people in nbalive.gg would be insanely mad at people that talked about something beneficial for users and would blame the helpful people when the fix emerged.


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