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What happen to showdown?

Holy crap!!!

I?m playing 98s vrs my 103, I usually win 25-6, 23-4, 23-0, 20-4, etc etc

Now 98 ovr ai is completely insane, I beat him 27-23 for one game!!! And he beats me 25-15

What is going on with ea they definitely did something. Seems like everyone I play in classic has 97 baron Davis and he is unstoppable..... LOL

ITS COOL AND ALL BUT WHAT DID THEY DO? Is it give the underdog a chance dAy?
With the new 105 ovr certified, rewind & pantheon players, some 98 ovr are not really 98 anymore.

I just played a 99 classic with 105 peja, 102 garnett & 105 Mourning in his starting lineup. Yep, it was a 99.


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Same experience here. This AM have been losing matches where I am up 10+ consistently. Decided to stop for now. Have seen today AI rebounding is out rebounding my Embiid and David and my team is out of place making for easy opponent scoring. Also insane defensive fouls when opp shooting?! Just had one where the AI was making a Hail Mary and my team on auto play and we foul him, put him on the line for 3 free throws with .02 seconds left. Lose. I?ll also add the 2-3 scoring with contact the opp AI gets each game, free 2-6 points makes it tough to win l, was when i?m Losing by that margin. Feels great. Real strong incentives to keep playing.


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I have lost to sides over 93 to 94 by 3-4 points while beating sides over 97-100 by 10 points with my 100 rated nba line up...

This SD is crazy. I have seen Mosgov playing and beating Embiid so many times like a world class player while playing his over 93 side.
I have on my classic team rodman fully trained 104 and a mourning at 108.. they NEVER get a offensive rebound. Only player that boards is iverson ice 96 maxed..LOL

And I don?t know what is going on with mourning, he was so good now a untrained specialist dell curry just destroyed him on the offensive boards...it?s wild....I just trying to get to 1.5 here at end. I have everything for 107harden but the rep cause I just got sick of showdown and don?t waste my time on it the last month.


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