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Upcoming certified players stats


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ya only the grant card seems ok
I added Peja to my Classic team and it feels like my SG position is nerfed. Neither 100 Hornacek (almost fully trained) or 105 base Steve Francis can hit a shot now and Hornacek was deadly before. I already exchanged Wilkes for Peja otherwise I would try to reverse the effect. Seems a little better now since I went back to the same coach (I have 5 of each game style now so I was trying different coaches). Crazy...might have to give Grant a try now.
I feel like EA is rushing things. Jesus! So many times during the season there was nothing to grind and with only 3 weeks left they flood us with players.

In regards to the certified players any idea yet which is the set?


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They can't decide whether they like Stockton or not. He gets a ton of cards but all of them suck.
Hmm, I've been chipping away at Certified, hedging my bets, but the only cards that appeal are the Anthony Davis/Draymond Green ones. I still can't figure out why EA won't let us use our tokens on whomever we please. Especially since the earlier lower OVR cards were hard to build in the first few weeks.


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That Stockton card is a joke...
It's ridiculous. EA think all we care is that goddamn overall cuz their BS SD advantage..

..anyone remember S1 cards like MM 96 Laettner? 96ov but lots of his important stats were sick, like 99 clutch, 97 contested shots, 96 inside shooting, 95 midrange shooting, 99 shooting touch, 98 shot streak, 97 scoring with contact.. man you could say it was a 96ov card. Now they are giving us "105"ov cards full of 80-90 stats, like JS.... seriously.


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