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Unlinked account


Rookie 1
I'm from Russia and excuse me for mistakes.
Today I unlinked my game account from google play account, then deleted the game (by mistake) and now i can't login in my game account. Id identify number, unfortunately, i don't know. What can i do? Please, help me.


Pro 1
Contact EA Help. For the most part they’re entirely useless but if you ask on Twitter you probably have a good shot at help


Rookie 3
Happened to me as well during NY’s promo i think. My 3-season account got deleted when i removed the app trying to fix a crashing issue. Helpdesk can’t retrieve them even if i provided them my uids. It was heartbreaking as i have already made good progress. Have to start again, grinded hard, sold my first master to buy cheaper elites and have decent lineup to compete in sd and lvl for rp and tokens. Worked hard on ah. Now both of my accounts are at 103 and one of them is close to 104. My advise is not to hope that they will get back you your account again. You can start brand new and believe me, the experience is different especially if you are able rebuild your team to where they are supposed to be at the moment. And NEVER forget to link your account again when you are planning to remove the app. Goodluck man.


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