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Trouble with last kezar tournament event


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I know they nerfed shooting in these events but I?ve tried at least 5-7 times and the stupid 3pt shot won?t go in. I tired with curry (80), Thompson (84), melo (82) and Westbrook (85). All miss. If I?m lucky I get a rebound and maybe a second shot attempt.

Stupidly refilled stamina just to miss 4 times. Anyone having luck to unlock the Kezar blitz event?


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Took me two tries. I?d say run around with Klay or Curry until you get a wide open shot.

Edit: Run around the arc back into the zone until you get open.


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My tactic for Kezar 4/4 was: go to the opposite wing. With under 5 seconds you run to the spot while you make sure you keep enough space between you and the defenders (if you drop defenders on screens from your big men, that's perfect) so you guarantee a 65%+ shot that won't be contested or blocked.

I got it with Irving in the first attempt.
Made it at 1st attemp. Ibaka made a great screen to my Klay & in. 3 seconds left and almost shit my pants with the ai buzzer but they missed it.


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2 attempts for me, 1 with tip off simmons 2nd with klay.. just run around for a sec until the ai get' confused then pump out the 3.


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The running from the opposite end of the arch to the hot spot worked on the first try!!! Thank you everyone for their suggestions. I am mad that I wasted so much stamina before asking this dope community.

Of course, now if I hadn't lost stamina trying to complete the last 2 impact events.....hate when they change the AI and shooting so it nerfs your normal gameplay. I wanted to spend cash on stamina but was hoping it'd get me closer, not further away.
Wide open, perfect release...but about an inch too far out, I'm guessing (61%,). Nothing like watching your shot brick in slow motion. I can see the 50 stamina fall out of the hoop too lol


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Btw, Brian said they?d change this so you can skip the 4/4 Kezar event...

EDIT: recent update confirmed this... yay :D


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