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Too many LeBron cards


Rookie 1
Has anyone noticed there's too many LeBron 85 ovr, Durant 86 ovr for less than 120k? Are u buying them or what? Cause the prices are usually 220-250k


Rookie 1
If there's a bigger supply on the AH you might be able to snipe them for training points, kinda like the thing with the Harvest Shaq and Paul George


Rookie 1
aren't golden ticket packs giving a 85ovr+? that may be the origin of the big influx you see.
Yeah, that golden tix....and SD bonuses gave me KD and a bunch of base elite centers.

I have used 3/4 Cs to train up Chris Bosh spec on classic. He's now 96..on the way to 97 over.

KD base is on reserve for now.